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Upstream, Downriver

Upstream, Downriver is a feature documentary, in progress, about the urgent fight for clean water justice across the country. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Clean Water Act but, despite its positive milestones, nearly half of America’s streams, rivers and lakes remain so polluted that they are not safe for fishing, swimming, and wildlife, much less drinking. Upstream, Downriver is a catalyst for civic and community engagement with diverse perspectives across the nation, from issues of coal ash sludge and waste water pollution in Alabama, Lake Erie’s pesticide algal blooms, the Sioux Tribe’s acute water scarcity, and industrial pollution dumping in the Patuxent River with Riverkeeper Fred Tutman whose ancestors were among the first freed African Americans in Maryland. Sound depressing? Not so! Upstream, Downriver highlights communities coming together with positive, innovative solutions that are making equity a reality.

Roles: Producer, trailer editor, poster designer and website designer

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