Elizabeth Joy Herzfeldt-Kamprath

Independent Filmmaker | Freelance Videographer & Editor

Elizabeth Herzfeldt-Kamprath is an emmy-nominated and award-winning filmmaker focused on telling character driven stories at the intersection of the natural world and society. She is a recent graduate from American University’s Master of Fine Arts in Film & Electronic Media program. Her films have featured topics from the oil industry in North America to youth in Honduras and have screened at film festivals across the United States, on Maryland Public Television and the World Channel. Strongly believing that collaboration improves stories, Elizabeth has worked with physical scientists, social scientists, economists, legal scholars, government officials, non-profits and artists to tell compelling stories about the complexity we face in solving major environmental problems. Most recently, her short documentary Under Her Wingsfeaturing artist Toni Lance and the St. Croix Avian Sanctuary, explores the story of what it takes to care for wild birds in the Virgin Islands.